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Practice and case

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  • Case 1:

    What should we do if we find out the actual mark of the import goods does not conform to the B/L? Solution: make offset. Confirm the precise mark of the goods in goods storage location. Establish certificate (in triplicate) in Tally Compan

  • Case 2:

    One order export goods, settled by LC, shipped by KMTC and the signature of B/L is the shipping agent. The inconsistency of consignee and signature will lead to discrepancies when client presents B/L. What should we do to guarantee normal

  • Case 3:

    Our Company imports an order of boards with declared price of Grade 3 USD180/CBM while customs valuation is USD220/CBM. The client does not agree with the customs valuation. How shall we do? Solution: to make sure quick customs clearance o

  • Case 4:

    In winter, a client palletizes goods in small package to export to South America or African countries. However, due to large temperature difference between the port of loading and the port of destination, part of the goods get wet and beco