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We are a limited-liability company registered in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, mainly engaging in cargo forwarding business based on Tianjin Port superiority. Since the set- up, we have grown up from the keen competitive market and expanded our business gradually by relying on our unique operation idea, the profound service sense, the dependable working style and the excellent business skill. We always prefer heart to heart service and improve our “THREE WHOLE” service system (whole process service, whole item service, whole hour service) step by step in practice. 

In the long cooperation, we have established our good relations with all the government functional departments. Under their help and our continuous efforts, we firmly believe that we will make you satisfied. 

Ⅰ. Ideas of company 

1、The mission of our enterprise: cultivate honorable employees and be respectable logistics enterprise 

2、The spirit of our enterprise: unity, progress, creation and reality

3、The purpose of our service:

Honesty is our basic principal

Safety and high efficiency are our crucial power to success

Perfect pursing is our goal 

Ⅱ. Service system 

1、Cargo storage, loading, discharging, transshipment, distribution, re-packing and simple processing; 

2、Customs clearance, insurance, commodity inspection and quarantine; 

3、Ship chartering of container and bulk cargo, ship space booking, cargo gathering, port work, paper work and documents transfer, etc.; 

4、Domestic highway and railway transportation (including transportation of cars);

5、Air cargo acceptance, dispatch, plane chartering and space booking; 

6、Agency business for shipment cargo via Tianjin Port; 

7、Return transportation of import cargo; 

8、To transit cargo in customs bonded warehouse to Mongolia, Europe, CIS area and vice verse; 

9、To adopt “FCA” term for export cargo so as to lessen risk and advance exchange settlement; 

10、To store import cargo in bonded warehouse collectively and import it by lot, reduce the used fund amount and quicken the fund circulation.