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Wine IMP handling

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Wine import handling

We can provide you with one-stop service of wine imports customs declaration, customs clearance, logistics transportation and window agent, and provide with specific solution in accordance with different kinds of cargoes, aiming to save costs, improve operational efficiency and ensure the safety of whole process. 

Ⅰ、Procedures of Wine Imports in Tianjin: 

1、File the label and apply for label verification certificate 

2、Exchange delivery order, and arrange the work of inspection declaration and customs declaration when the shipments arrive at the port.       

3、Pay taxes and release (The goods can be released after customs inspection.)

4、Legal inspection (delivering and sampling), and the goods can be released after commodity inspection; 

5、Warehousing/ pick up goods 

6、Issue the sanitary certificate after passing the test 

Ⅱ、Required Customs Clearance Documents for Wine Imports in Tianjin: 

Bill of lading, packing list, invoice, contract, certificate of origin, sanitary certificate of exporters, label verification certificate of import and export food, and overseas production corporation registration number of import food or exporter (agent) registration number of import food

Ⅲ、Attention of Wine Imports in Tianjin:

1、Required documents for label verification: original English label, translation of original label, Chinese label designed by domestic agents 

2、The wine shall be packed with pallet. And fumigation certificate issued by export country should be provided if the wine is packed with wooden pallet.   

3、Reasonably declare the CIF of wine combining with recent (this month or last month) market price so as not to arouse suspicion of price reviewing personnel and delay clearance progress.