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Foodstuffs IMP handling

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Foodstuffs import handling

Ⅰ、Required documents for foodstuff imports in Tianjin: 

Bill of lading, packing list, invoice, contract, exporter registration number, customs power of attorney, entrust letter of inspection, certificate of origin, sanitary certificate of export country, ingredients description 

Ⅱ、Process of foodstuff imports in Tianjin:

1、Submit the label for approval and apply for the label verification certificate

2、Exchange delivery order, and arrange the work of inspection declaration and customs declaration when the shipments arrive at the port.

3、Pay taxes and release (The goods can be released after inspection in the case of customs inspection.) 

4、Legal inspection (delivering and sampling), and the goods can be released after commodity inspection

5、Warehousing/pick up goods 

6、Issue the sanitary certificate after passing the test

Ⅲ、Attention of foodstuff imports:

1、Required qualifications for foodstuff import enterprise: first, determine the business scope of imported food (take general pre-packaged food for example) and apply for the food circulation license; 

2、Required documents for label verification: original English label, translation of original label, Chinese label designed by domestic agents;

3、Matters should be prepared in advance for firstly importing foodstuff: apply for foodstuff import registration and exporter registration; 

4、Submit the ingredients description with documents for approval, report data in accordance with the reality of goods.