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Drug EXP handling

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Drug export handling

With highly experience in feed additives and feed medicine, XunDa established partnership with domestic excellent suppliers and specialized in providing one-stop services of booking space, packing, loading customs declaration, logistics transportation and window agent. We shall provide with specific solution in accordance with different kinds of cargoes, aiming to save costs, improve operational efficiency and ensure the safety of whole process.     

Ⅰ、Export processes: 

1、Choose the most suitable ship owner and book space in accordance with destination port and the requirements of receiver 

2、The goods shall be handle by our professional stevedores and  supervision personnel. 

3、The customer should provide a complete set of customs declaration documents (packing list, invoice, contract and customs declaration), paperless for customs clearance. 

4、Check the bill of lading. 

5、Provide the original bill of lading within three days since the ship sets sail. 

Ⅱ、Matters of feed additives and feed medicine import: 

1、When booking space, we would ask the ship owner for clean, dry and containers to store goods so as to protect cargo packages from being contaminated. 

2、We would provide customers with professional project of packing and loading in accordance with cargoes in order to ensure that the cargoes are in good condition. 

3、Arrange operating time properly to avoid extra charges, saving costs for customers.