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Bulk cargoes

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Bulk cargoes (grain, soybean)

Tianjin Port has become the collecting and distributing centre of national import grain in 2012. Based on the advantage of Tianjin Port and with highly experience of bulk cargoes (grain, soybean) imports operation for nearly five years, we can provide you with professional one to one quality service. 

Ⅰ、Required documents for bulk cargoes (grain, soybean) imports in Tianjin: 

Customs power of attorney, entrust letter of inspection, contract, invoice, packing list, phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, certificate of weight, certificate of quality, fumigation certificate, automatic import license, bill of lading and other required documents for customs and commodity inspection 

Ⅱ、Process of soybean imports in Tianjin: 


Ⅲ、Attention of grain imports in Tianjin:

1、Import and export right is used for commodity inspection registration 

2、Apply for automatic import license

3、Phytosanitary certificate 

4、The import port is allowed by the State 

Ⅳ、Our advantages:

We are not only in possession of a first-class international freight team, but assign specific person to supervise and coordinate yard handling and take responsible for warehousing, dealing with all kinds of difficulties and emergencies efficiently and guaranteeing the best interests of owners.