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Equipment EXP handling

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Equipment export handling

XunDa can provide customers with one-stop services of export equipment customs declaration, customs clearance, logistics and agent, and provide with specific solution in accordance with different kinds and quantities of cargoes, aiming to save costs, improve operational efficiency and ensure the safety of whole process.

Ⅰ、Procedures of equipment exports: 

1.After entrustedby customers, we would choose the proper ship owner to book space in accordance with the reality of cargoes. 

2.When the work of booking space is well done, customer could deliver the cargoes to yard by trailer, or we would pick up cargoes with empty containers. The professional loading supervision team of XunDa will customize packing plan for customers and ensure the safety of cargoes and successful loading. 

3.The well preparation of required documents for customs declaration is the foundation of successful customs clearance. Generally, besides export cargo customs declaration, the required documents for declaration also includes customs declaration, packing list, invoice, trading contract and other documents concerned with customs supervision conditions. 

4.After loading, we will carry out the work of delivery report , customs clearance, concentration of containers and shipment. We would constantly monitor the operation and feedback on time, and issue the B/L in 3-5 days since the date of departure. 

Ⅱ、Inspection of export equipments: 

Inspection is a kind of supervision refers to that: after receiving the declaration from units that has been reviewed, customs would inspect the export cargo to confirm whether the content of declaration is in accordance with actual export cargo.  

1.To confirm whether declared content is in accordance with bill and cargoes through checking actual cargoes and customs declaration. Concealment, false report and false declaration are not allowed during the work of declaration and checking. 

2.Verify the doubts arise during the work of declaration and checking which could provide reliable supervision basis for levying tax, statistics and follow-up management. Customs shall fill in the inspection record after checking cargoes. 

Generally, the inspection record includes checking time, checking place, shipper and consignee of import and export cargoes or agents. Check the package of cargoes, such as name of transport facility, container number, seal number, description, specification and model.